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LOLcat (487 members)

All Your Base Are Belong To Us (458 members)

Chuck Norris Facts (425 members)

O RLY? (401 members)

A Series of Tubes (333 members)

Rick Rolling (311 members)

Dick In A Box (272 members)

Chocolate Rain (268 members)

I Like Turtles (255 members)

Peanut Butter Jelly Time (227 members)

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  • kir0s
  • 25 years old
  • Chisinau, Moldova, Republic of
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  • kevalexsmith
  • Looking for fellow couch potato
  • When I run out of things to watch on Youtube or video games to play I scroll endlessly on Facebook for memes. I read and watch Shonen style anime and manga. Like to play competitive multiplayer video games like Mortal Kombat X, Smash Ultimate, and League of Legends. Dating wise I am looking to find that special someone to share my interests with and affection. As well as find someone serious...
  • 23 years old
  • Dartmouth, Canada
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  • juliemyers
  • 27 years old
  • West Palm Beach, FL, USA
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  • looking4luvinlv
  • Looking for a warm compassionate women to love See at intial site
  • 58 years old
  • Las Vegas, NV, USA
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  • tangoted312
  • Memes Memes are cool
  • 30 years old
  • Glen Burnie, MD, USA
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  • 1mimi10m
  • I'm ok with memes. I use them on occasion.
  • 22 years old
  • Jacksonville, IL, USA
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  • georgelindsay
  • 36 years old
  • Dallas, TX, USA
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  • gamma88
  • 27 years old
  • Moody, TX, USA
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  • lunarhippogryph
  • hmmm.. Cats an Lasers.
  • 31 years old
  • San Pedro, Mexico
  • Does lunarhippogryph belong in this group?  

  • myselfme
  • curious just curious to know
  • 28 years old
  • Brooklyn, NY, USA
  • Does myselfme belong in this group?  

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